Tips On Sports Attire: What To Wear Bowling With Friends
Tips On Sports Attire: What To Wear Bowling With Friends

Tips On Sports Attire: What To Wear Bowling With Friends

You and a few friends have decided to go bowling, or do you have a bowling date on weekend? Whatever the case is! If you’re confused about what to wear to a bowling alley, this article will help you determine!

The bowling outfits are something that a lot of people aren’t familiar with. Some bowlers are at a loss for what to wear bowling. And, they’re all screwed in the end. Therefore, this time we’ll go over the specifics of bowling attire.

What to wear bowling: Do’s rules

For decades, bowling has been one of the most popular sports among youngsters and adults. However, some bowlers, especially newbies, usually have a problem with what to wear to go bowling. Below are some do’s tips for you to get the most of your bowling trip.  

Opt for comfortable costume

While bowling, wear loose-fitting apparel that won’t hinder your movement. Some players assume that a bowling uniform is a must. Actually, there are no precise rules about what to wear for bowling. Wear whatever is most comfortable for you. Jeans, joggers, leggings, or skirts are all possible choices for clothing. 

What To Wear Bowling With Friends

If your apparel limits your range of motion, it will be more difficult for you to move, extend, stretch, and throw the ball at the pins in the way that you need to in order to succeed.

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Both formal and casual outfits are acceptable 

It is acceptable whether you dress up or down for this event. A button-down shirt with a wild pattern or a witty statement for your team’s name is referred to as a “bowling shirt.” If you want a more formal look, a pair of looser jeans or comfortable khakis would be an ideal match for this shirt. Stay away from athletic or yoga pants, as they are not appropriate for formal outfits. 

You may also wear a t-shirt or tank top underneath the shirt to make it less formal and more relaxed.  Casual slacks would make great top wear to complement this ensemble. A polo shirt or a t-shirt would be an acceptable compromise. Pay a visit to Hyperfavor to see cool bowling shirts for men and women. 

Socks are a must

Also, don’t forget to bring your socks! Regardless of whether you rent bowling shoes from the alley or bring your own, you’ll want to have socks on hand to wear with your bowling shoes.

What To Wear Bowling With Friends

However, socks are unnecessary if it’s in the hot weather. You may be walking down the alley in sandals or other sockless footwear. 

Bowling outfit ideas

In this section, we will discuss in detail the suggested dress code you should wear for bowling events.

Top wear

When it comes to what to wear bowling, it’s essential to put on a shirt for top wear. The best part of it is that you can wear any shirt you like provided that they don’t block your moves and aren’t made of cotton fabrics. 

Some bowling top wear items for men and women include: 

  • T-shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Crop tops
  • Short sleeve polo shirts
  • Long sleeve shirts
What To Wear Bowling With Friends

Bowling bottom wear 

  • Pants

To begin, you’ll want the best bowling trousers when preparing for your next bowling match. The pants must be both pleasant to wear and flexible. Chinos or khakis that aren’t too tight can be worn.

Stretchy pants are recommended bowling clothes for ladies. They allow you to move freely and bowl comfortably.

  • Jeans

You can wear jeans, but make sure you pick the right style. Tight jeans like skinny jeans can make you slide and restrict your movement when approaching and dropping the bowling ball. For ladies, high-rise jeans are more favorable than low-rise ones. You can’t play well while tugging your jeans up and your shirt down to cover your body. Let alone, low-rise jeans may put you in embarrassing situations. 

  • Skirts

Women are allowed to bowl in skirts. The problem here is that it shouldn’t be too short or you’ll be uncovered when you’re bowling with it. A knee-length skirt is the finest choice. This will protect you completely while also allowing you full range of motion when bowling.

  • Shorts

If you’re going bowling, consider wearing shorts as well, but remember to dress comfortably and without a strict style in mind. As long as your shorts are loose, mid-length, and comfortable, bowling in shorts should be no problem at all.

If you decide to bowl in shorts, make sure to pay attention to the socks you select to wear. Make sure you’re not wearing formal socks that reach your knees with your shorts.


For a bowling match, the most significant piece of clothing is the shoes you wear. The bowling shoes you wear can make or break your game. You’ll need a specific kind of shoes to navigate the bowling alley without stumbling. Bowling alley shoes must meet specific requirements. 

There are three kinds of bowling shoes worth considering

  • Rented shoes

You rent them for your time at the bowling alley and return them at the end of it.

  • Performance shoes

One shoe of performance bowling shoes is designed to reduce speed, while the other is made to glide. They are specially designed for bowling, so the price is quite high

  • Athletic shoes

Athletic bowling shoes are good at relieving the discomfort and strain that comes with bowling for lengthy periods of time.

Final thought 

We’ve shared with you all the necessary details regarding what to wear bowling. Hope that it is useful for you. Keep in mind our tips to choose bowling outfits that suit your taste. Bowling attire is not just about a bowling uniform. You can throw on any item that you are confident most ranging from a cute bowling outfit to a formal one. Get dressed and have a good time at the bowling alley. 

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