Keep Camping Simple With 10 Minimalist Camping Essentials
Keep Camping Simple With 10 Minimalist Camping Essentials

Keep Camping Simple With 10 Minimalist Camping Essentials

Camping is a joyful activity that allows you to reconnect with nature while also enjoying the great outdoors. It’s time to try minimalist camping, also known as simple camping if you’re wasting too much time preparing camping gear. You should just bring what is absolutely necessary and lightweight for this type of camping. The less stuff, the more enjoyable. About 12 pounds is the optimal weight for minimalist camping essentials. But, the question is what does minimalist camping gear entail? This post will go over everything in detail.

How to start minimalist camping?

You can simplify your camping experience by taking a few simple measures. Here are some suggestions: 

Bring only one backpack

When it comes to the minimalist camping checklist, a backpack is a must-have item. Appy one-bag rule which means one person carries one bag to hold clothes, accessories, and bathing necessities. Keep your backpack organized to locate your things easily. Moreover, a pack with separate interior pockets for housing essential items that need to be accessed frequently. 

Minimalist camping essentials

Generally, there are two kinds of backpacks for minimalist campers, namely framed and frameless backpacks. The former is heavier and larger, allowing for more efficient storage. Meanwhile, the latter offer lighter weight and smaller dimensions. Depending on your preference, pick one that works best for you. 

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Skip luxurious items

Minimalist car camping is about making camping gear for your comfort and convenience. Leave behind all luxurious things for a taste of fancy and luxury. For example, an extremely large and fancy tent is unnecessary regarding minimalist camping essentials. Instead, a hammock with a simple tarp is more functional and practical. What’s more, replace your lighter and a ton of matches with a flint. After all, minimalism is the best. 

Prioritize quality  

The core of minimalist camping is high-quality camping gear. Minimalist campers always prioritize quality over quantity when purchasing camping gear due to the durable and lightweight load.

Although high-quality minimalist camping gear is more expensive than normal gear, it is a wise investment, particularly if you go camping regularly. Quality camping gear will enhance usability and provide extra features to create more enjoyable and exciting experiences. 

Minimalist camping essentials

Opt for multi-purpose camping gear

Why bring numerous goods when you only need one? Making a duo with the bare necessities is the essence of minimalist camping. Multipurpose camping gear is great for minimalist campers who want to get more done with less.

Every camper’s pack should include at least one high-quality multitool to deal with unexpected situations outdoors. Some typical examples include sharp knives, utensils, scissors, tweezers, and other critical items. Furthermore, a tarp can be used as a ground cover, shelter, and rain cover for your pack. Trekking poles can be used as temporary tent poles in addition to providing stability when conquering slopes.

Pack high-energy food and snacks

Food accounts for a considerable room in your luggage and adds weight. To decrease the camping food weight, you need to bring high energy-boosting things to make it through a minimalist camping experience. 

Nutrient-dense foods, such as nuts and jerky, provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals while also providing lots of calories. High-energy snacks also lessen the necessity for cooking while camping, reducing the weight and bulk of pots and cooking gear.

Minimalist camping checklist


As mentioned above, a backpack is a means of carrying all your minimalist camping essentials. We highly recommend a lightweight backpack, as it motivates you to bring less and hold all the necessities without being too bulky or heavy. Remember to purchase one that fits your physical shape and body type and matches the length of your intended trip. There are a variety of backpacking bags to ensure enough room for the basics you need. It’s a wise investment, so don’t hesitate to go for a high-quality backpack. 

Backpacking tarp

Minimalist camping checklist

In case you need more shelter from the outer environment, backpacking tarps are a wonderful option. They are designed to serve as a ground cover for your tent and extra protection against moisture. Go for ultralight backpacking tarps to maximize your comfort in your sleeping bag without carrying too many items. 

Cooking supplies

Plan ahead what you will cook and bring the cooking supplies you need. You don’t want to carry anything extra, do you? To save space, purchase a dinnerware set including bowls, plates, spoons, and utensils that can be placed inside a big cookpot or pan. Don’t forget to bring kitchen accessories like a can opener, knife, and cutting board. 

First-aid kit

For any type of camping, a first-aid kid is a must-bring item. Stock your first aid kit with bandages, antiseptic wipes, fever reducing medicines, sunscreen, and anti-insect bites for your camping trip. Biodegradable soap and lip balm are other basics you should consider. Don’t let minor injuries or illnesses ruin your camping experience. 


Minimalist camping essentials

A flashlight is an essential tool in a remote region, and it only takes up a minimal amount of space in your backpack. Because of their optimal brightness and energy efficiency, LED lights are superior to other lights. If your flashlight requires batteries, don’t forget to carry a spare set with you.

Final thought

Minimal camping saves not only your preparation time but also your camping budget while enabling you to get the most out of outdoor time and de-stress. Take up this kind of camping right now with our listed minimalist camping essentials above. We wish you a good camping time with your family and friends. For more useful articles, subscribe to our website to receive the latest update.

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