Top 5 Fun Campfire Games For Adults For Hilarious Camping Trips
Top 5 Fun Campfire Games For Adults For Hilarious Camping Trips

Top 5 Fun Campfire Games For Adults For Hilarious Camping Trips

Summer and fall evenings over the campfire are the best way to take a break from work and reconnect with your loved ones as well as the natural world. Precious time spent in front of a campfire allows us to escape the daily stresses of paying bills, cleaning work, and taking care of our children. 

The list of things to do around the campfire always includes eating and having fun. You could attempt these fun campfire games for adults to unwind. In order to help you find some hints, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most popular campfire games for adults.

Truth or Dare 

Truth or dare and games like truth or dare are considered to be among the most entertaining campfire games.  It’s a traditional game that can be enjoyed by a huge number of people. 

How to play the game:

In a group, one player asks another, “Truth or Dare?” The player who is being questioned must pick between answering a truth question or performing a dare. If he or she does not answer truthfully or does dare-task, they must pay a penalty. Perhaps drink a cup of wine, donate a dollar, or something like that. 

 fun campfire games for adults

There are some game variations to make it more difficult. You might ask your friends or family members things like:

  • What is anything you’ve never told anyone being here? 
  • What is the most humiliating event that has ever happened to you in front of a group of people?
  • Have you ever told a white lie?
  • Who was your first person you had a crush on?
  • What age were you when you first had a crush?

Some dare tasks to make your campfire funnier are: 

  • Make a phone call to your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend and sing a song to them.
  • Take a screenshot of your browser history and send it to a random Facebook friend
  • Log into Facebook and like every picture of your first crush.
  • Send your mother the last photo you saved on your phone.
  • Publice the four most recent photos on your phone. 

Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie is classified as the most fun bonfire games for adults.

 fun campfire games for adults

And everyone is having a nice time around the fireplace with bonfire drinking games. 

How to play the game:

To help team members get to know each other better, this is a great icebreaker game to play. There are a variety of ways to play, and the rules can be changed at any time.

Each person makes three statements, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. Many of the other players have guessed the false claim. Uncorrected guesses are punished with one shot.

I have never …

I have never is also listed in must-play games around the campfire. It is a well-recognized campfire drinking game for helping you discover surprising information about your friends. Everyone can share their secrets and stories in this game.  

I have never ...

How to play the game:

One participant must speak something they’ve never heard before to the other players. A basic example might be “I’ve never been on a roller coaster.”

This activity is for anyone who has done it before drinking alcohol. In this example, a cup of beer or wine is required for roller coaster players who used to visit the amusement park.

After a certain number of rounds, you’ll uncover more intimate situations.

Beer or red wine is a safer choice because players in this game are likely to consume a lot of alcohol.

Mafia or WereWolf

Campfire activities for large groups can’t exclude Mafia or WereWolf games. Boardgame lovers are sure to choose Mafia and WereWolf as the best camping games for adults at night. 

How to play the game:

Mafia and WereWolf games are played by 6 to 16 people. A deck of cards is all that is needed to play. During the game, a neutral moderator assigns responsibilities to the players by handing them cards. 

Mafia or WereWolf

During the games, there will be two teams. Honest and Mafia are the two teams in the Mafia game, while WereWolf divides players into Werewolves and Villagers. There is one thing that both of these games have in common. The Mafia and the WereWolves know each other in their team, whereas the Honest and the Villagers do not. They only know the number of werewolves and mafias in the game. 

The two camping games for adults mentioned above are suitable for groups in which not everyone knows each other.


If you go camping with your family and parents, campfire drinking games seem to be not appropriate. How about trying some traditional and fun campfire games for adults like Charades?  

Most people have played this game at some point, but in the dark of a campground, it can take on new meanings.

fun campfire games for adults

How to play the game:

First and foremost, you must decide on a topic for your charades game. Themes for family camping include art, music, and film, as well as historical events and individuals.

Following the selection of an appropriate theme, a list of keywords is compiled and divided into two sections for the two teams of participants. Chosen players represent for each time need to explain keywords non verbally by drawing or using body language. 

Charades is by far the most popular adult camping activity, as it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. We hope that you can opt for fun campfire games for adults to get the most of your camping trip. Follow Discobay Outdoor Exchange for more interesting articles.

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